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The CICS TSA shooting battle at LAX airport

RD-blog-number-3906 by Herb Zinser reviews the COMPUTER EARTH system 370 CICS battle at  Los Angeles airport. 2013 Los Angeles International Airport shooting – Wikipedia ……/2013_Los_Angeles_International_Airport… Wikipedia Ciancia made it as far as the end of the terminal in the food court, where LAX police officers cornered the suspect and engaged him in a gunfight. […]

The North Data region –> North Da (Dakota)

N-paper-0015 by Herb Zinser translates some of the secret codes that are printed in newspaper  articles. Let’s look at some COMPUTER EARTH system 370 signals that are printed in newspapers. The EARTH computer science …..  geography data region is –>     Landau geo-phyiscs code –> LANDA + U  –> Local Area Network Data   […]

Junior Seau’s server TIME CODE 143 error

N-paper 0004 by Herb Zinser translates a newspaper article about the COMPUTER EARTH system 370 bio-computer  death message of Junior Seau.           Systems IBM System/370 Principles of Operation…/ibm/370/…/GA22-7000-4_370_P… Sep 1, 1975 – This manual has been prepared by the IBM System Products Division, … detailed definition of the machine functions […]